• Breaking Barriers

  • Join us for the day as we turn our attention to uncover how women in Rwanda and around the world are "Breaking Barriers". Whatever their focus and talent - business, technology, art, science, politics - these pioneers are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.

    As part of the global TEDWomen events programme, TEDxNyarugengeWomen will bring together 8 speakers and performers who are showing up to face challenges head on and empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see.

  • Speakers

    Come to hear about their great ideas!

    Hope Azeda

    Founder, Mashirika Performing Arts

    Hope Azeda is the founder, artistic director of
    Mashirika Performing Arts and media company, a leading theatre company in Rwanda. She is also
    the curator of Ubumuntu Arts Festival.

    Caroline Numuhire


    Caroline Numuhire is a creative writer and social activist. She is the author of “L’oncle Gynécologue”, “Between Wild and Free” and “Mirror of Stolen Hearts”.

    Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana

    Co-Founder, The Kingswomen

    Yseult Polfliet Mukantabana is a creative and social advocate from the Rwandan diaspora. A New York City resident who works on dismantling racism and antisemitism.

    Dr. David Zaber

    Environmental Consultant

    Dr. David Zaber specializes in the fields of sustainable natural resources and agricultural management. He is currently working to protect temperate forests and rare wildlife in the Great Lakes region, USA.

    Sylvie Nsanga

    Social justice activist

    Sylvie Nsanga is an activist with a background and passion in ICT for Development with more than 13 years of experience in digitalization policies.

    Joseph Uwagaba

    Author, career advisor

    The Co-founder of Talk to Me initiative and Winners Family Rwanda. Joseph also published his first book “A hundred Days in Marriage”.

    Dominique Uwase Alonga

    Founder, Imagine We Rwanda

    Dominique Uwase Alonga is an award-winning leader, a young woman passionate about the intellectual growth and skills improvement of her fellow Africans

    Sandrine Amahoro Rutayisire

    Poet, youth leader

    Sandrine is the President of the Tech and Robotics Club, as well as Kigali’s Best Poet according to the Imfura Arts Poetry for Peace

  • Venue

    How we will run the event?

    Past year, we ran the event in a conference center. This year, due to unprecedented circumstances, we are organising the event in a new way. The event will take place 100% remotely on 4th of December.

    Every registered attendee will receive a link to live conference, and will be able to participate in discussions on that day.


  • Photos from our last TEDx event